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The world is developing rapidly in all different fields every day, so that it is not possible to know all the secrets that revolve around it easily. 

With countries around the world competing in the race towards scientific and economic development, different countries around the world resort to accepting different age groups to work in them to meet their needs. The labor force, and for this reason we have noticed that there are many communities in all parts of the world, including Arabs, who are rushing to work in these foreign countries to obtain a new, stable life.

Learning a new language has become something necessary in these countries to keep up with work, study, and first-class communication. Therefore, adding this new language related to the country in which you will be located is considered a very important thing, and here lies the first problem, which we will consider something normal after we read this article until the end, because we will have found the solution. It is appropriate for the problem and dealing with the new language with complete ease and only requires us to have a mobile phone to help us deal with this topic.

We always want to talk about this secret, which is an application on our phone 
that translates all the languages that we want to speak or translate, whether this language is completely new to us, in a specific book, picture, sound, or sign on the street.
Everything is in front of you. We can translate it easily with... This application is considered one of the important applications for instant translation of everything with one click and has received important downloads in application stores.

The application features a translation feature using the phone’s camera. It only asks you for permission to translate a banner or image on your phone. You confirm, “Yes, I want to translate.” In this way, it is done immediately and the translation is 100 percent correct grammatically and grammatically. And so on with files and texts in any book or any website. If If you have a person you want to meet, you have in the application the feature of recording the voice and translating it into the language you want in a few seconds, while choosing other languages for the same voice for translation immediately. 
This is not all, because you can translate everything you want when you go to a restaurant, for example, and it gives you the prices for each dish and the things you want.
 They are sold in major stores with similar pictures on the official websites for each product to compare the prices displayed on each site. It will help you know all the information about the language and other important things in these countries that are new to you. This is in addition to its support for most, if not all, official languages around the world.

Now, you do not need anything else but to download the application and benefit from its features, which will inevitably help you in learning the language you want, and you will see the clear difference from the first day, and this without any trace of this new language in your knowledge dictionary.

Before we finish the article, we will quickly discuss all the features of the application:

The application is characterized by instant translation through images, camera, sound, as well as texts and advertising banners on the streets, for example, or in shops.
It supports an important number of languages around the world
The capacity it needs from the phone's memory after downloading is almost non-existent, meaning it only takes a little
Downloads on the store are very important and confirm its credibility
We cannot talk about all the features because they can be easily discovered when you download them yourself to get to know them and enjoy when translating into your new language in which you have always been thinking about a solution that will help you learn.

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