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Translation has become easy with the automatic translator

We always want to talk about this secret, which is an application on our phone that translates all the languages that we want to speak or translate, whether this language is completely new to us, in a 
specific book, picture, sound, or a sign on the street.

everything in front of you we can translate easily with This application, which is considered one of the important applications in the simultaneous translation of everything in one click, and which has important downloads in the application stores.

The application is distinguished by the feature of translation with the camera of the phone. It only asks you for permission to translate a sign or image on your phone.
You confirm Yes, I want translation. In this way, the translation is 100 percent correct grammatically and grammatically, and so on with files and texts in any book or any site, and if If you have someone you want to meet, you have in the application the ability to record the voice and translate it into the language you want in a few seconds, while choosing other languages for the same voice to translate immediately

Quick application features:

The application is characterized by simultaneous translation through images, cameras, voice, as well as texts and advertising signs on the streets, for example, or in shops.
Availability of a significant number of languages around the world that are supported
The capacity it needs from the phone's memory after downloading is almost non-existent, meaning it only takes a little.

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